Sunday, February 15, 2009

Days of Future Past

This story from the New York Observer -- in which the writers interview a number of magazine editors about the future of long-form journalism, magazine writing and magazines in general -- is only almost a year old, but reading it now, in the midst of all the hand-wringing and gloomy about the economy and the future of print publishing, seems like reading something from a different century. Particularly interesting are the stories about how magazine writers used to go in deep back in the old days.


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  2. So, they imagined/are imagining magazines to be like pop-up childrens' books?

    Here's to hoping future stories don't amount to only 50 word blurbs.

    (Multi-tasking isn't real! I've sat in a lecture where a psychologist explained that if you do the tasks separately one at a time, you'll finish in the same time as you would switching off. That is, if you fully paid attention to everything.)